keskiviikko 30. heinäkuuta 2014

Madhatters infested vision of tomorrow

What has happened to the humanity!? That is the only question I can ask myself when going trough the never ending news, photos and videos of people. Everyone is so pressured to make an opinion of today's events, what wrong is in not making up your mind?

After dealing with all this hysterical bunk I can move in to the religious side of things, which is killing in the name of god... Which there is a lot. What made us misunderstand the meaning of all these religious texts? People trough centuries have used religious texts to manipulate people, bible says this, bible says that, well news to you bible says everything. You can literally find anything you want from the Bible and the Qur'an. These religious books are so large and so vaguely written that you can probably find a phrase that can mean Link is the son of Satan, literally. Yet only thing these religious people have found the capability to read are the commands to kill in the name of god, which I can witness everyday with new photos and videos of people beheading and shooting each other. After all don't Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in the same god?

yet there still are the major governments... Aah the rich and powerful, don't you have nothing else to do than plot to make more money and achieve more power? What has happened to advancement of the human race? Times were so much better when USA and Russia raced for the space, rather than armed rebels. Now a days it is just grumbling at each other and arming random religious groups. Making more money, killing our planet and achieving more power. Why Today's vision couldn't be colonizing edges of our solar system, cure diseases, find new ways to make energy and  fiddle with the amazing ideas of theoretical physics and philosophy, maybe even create your own theories.

PS: And those few who decide to read this please don't be so rushed to make up your mind on something you can't wrap your head around. The news don't always speak the truth.. They hardly ever do.

sunnuntai 27. heinäkuuta 2014

Twinkle World

"Humor me people!" George said, unknown of his surroundings he fell down the pit.